We're currently working on our new happenings and program for summer 2017 // below is what we offered in 2016

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Surf School – beginner course 2 hours // 350 kr

Come with us for a 2 hours treat in our great waters at the danish westcoast. We will make you comfortable before going in the waves with basic
knowledge about how to handle equipment and tell about ocean awareness. We want to secure you are ready to enter the water! Come and join us.
Place for surf School: Løkken, see our team in the cafe before lesson start to sign up
Included in the surfschool: wetsuit, Surfboard and a soda by your choice


Book here!

Bodyboard School 1 hour – for the extra small sizes

We want to give your kids the opportunity to explore the ocean from a very early age. Our bodyboard school is for the very small ones and because of the very light and soft bodyboards, we can go and play in the waves with our smallest ones in safe conditions. Our shallow waters in Løkken with a perfect sand bottom gives us the perfect spot for small kids playground!

Price: 200 DKK

Age: 2-6 years old (Mom or dad is mandatory as a provided support under the course)

Place for surf School: Løkken, see our team in the cafe before lesson start to sign up

Included: Bodyboard & wetsuit


Skimboarding School 1 hour


This is for the sporty ones – if you like to run, being wet and surf slide above a very little bit of water, this is something for you. Skimboarding is 1 hour where you will learn the very basics of mastering a skimboard. We will run, throw and surf during this 1 hour introduction and be very tired at the end!

Price: 200 DKK

Age: 8 – 60 years old (it’s only up to your physical abilities)

Place for surf School: Løkken, see our team in the cafe before lesson start to sign up

Included: Skimboard & wetsuit ( wetsuit is not needed but can be practical)


Crab and fishing competition for kids

Wednesday & Friday from 13-14

Catch the biggest Crab or fish with your mom and dad on our pier. it’s a competition for you and your family and it’s about having fun. We love the sea and therefor, we will ask you to release the too small fishes and crabs you catch. If the size is OK you can take them back home and eat them for dinner.

Fishing rods and crab rods can be rented for 50 DKK. or bought for 199 DKK. When renting or buying there will be 1 scoop ice-cream included per. child.

After 1 hour we meet back in the surf café to return the rods.

( Please return the equipment if you’re not buying)


Cross “fedt” on the beach

Tuesday 15-16 & Sunday 11-12

Beach Crossfedt is functional training using the facilities there are in the area around North Shore Surf, including the beach, dunes, water, pier, stairs, etc.
In addition, used the props we find in the area, such as a tree trunk, one chair or other things. The Crossfedt course will push to your limits compared. Strength, endurance and balance.

It’s a course for all levels and sizes, where we adapt the exercises to the individual, so everyone gets the benefit from the training they want.

Children over 8 years are welcome accompanied by an adult.

75 DKK per participant (min of 6 people)

Registration is in the surf cafe and is only valid when paid.

Finish off with sauna


Morning Yoga, sauna & breakfast

Tuesday 9-10

Join us for lovely morning yoga at the beach.

Salute the sun and greet the new summer day

Tuck your toes into the sand and lift your heart and hands to the blue sky

Allow the gentle sound of the ocean waves to assist your breath

Awaken your body with deep but gentle yoga moves and stretches

Embrace the moment and let your body, mind and soul feast in the uplifting experience of morning yoga on the beach

Relax and tune in to your self


80 DKK pr deltager (min antal – 6 personer)

Add sauna, breakfast bun & coffee for and ekstra 50 kr. More.

Registration is in the surf cafe and is only valid when paid.


Practical information

Wear stretching clothes you feel free in

Bring yourself a bottle of water or buy one in the café

Bring a yoga mat or a beach towel for the exercise


BBQ’s on our terrace

Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Our BBQ nights is for everybody and we heat up our grills for you and your family – bring your own food/meet and place it on our BBQ and enjoy your food on our terrace while watching the sun go down slowly. Only think we ask for is that you buy your drinks or beers in our café.

1st of Juli and the rest of the season we will have a new foodtruck next to our surf cafe. Here you’ll find the best selection of our friendly neighbors freshly catched fish from Løkken sea in different shape, such as fish’n chips, Fiskefrikadeller and salmon.


Let’s make it simple for you – start your with your mandatory morning run on the beach and finish of in our sauna and watch the sun rise slowly.
There will be no instruktor for this event.

Price 50 DKK for the sauna. 

Add 50 DKK more and top it up with our freshly brewed coffee and homemade bread, cheese, jam and butter while watching the sea wake up.


Surf’s up for kids

Tuesday & Thursday from 10-12

Take your kids out for a lovely water experience if they are between 4 – 12 years old.

2 hours of fun in the water with your parents, where we give your kids smile on their lips in safe conditions on the first ledge/sandbank and teaching them how to surf!

350 DKK pr. child incl. all equipment and wetsuit for your mom or dad

Max 12 kids pr. course


Local crabs on the table

Wednesday 19.00

It’s simple – we love the sea and we like the freshly caught crabs from our fishermen next to us. Crab claws well served with the right view.

250 DKK pr. person

To make it happen we need to have minimum 6 individual persons signed up for the evening the day before to make it happen.

Registration is in the surf cafe and is only valid when paid.


Surfers Lounge & good vibrations

Lørdag 19.00 – 24.00

We fire up the grill, make a bonfire for marshmallows too, the kids play in the sand, the music lifts up the mood a bit and the evening brings up cosiness and social actions on our terrace.

Join us and together we form “Happiness” on a wonderful Saturday night.


Explanation: Løkken is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word

Lykken means “Happiness” but our city is spelled Løkken and has the same pronunciation in the Danish language.

Sunset surf

Friday 22.00

Join us for 2 hours in the sunset and get an out-of-body experience and surf the waves while the sun sets behind the horizon.

We heat up the sauna before we go in the water and surf until the sun is gone.

Price 450 kr and incl. sunset surf, a beer and sauna.


Sauna and sunset

Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 22.00

End your day together with us, in our sauna with ocean view and watch the sun disappear in the horizon. Do it with your loved ones, buy something cold do drink and when your heated, then go for swim in the Vesterhav to get cooled again.

Join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 22.00 – sunset.


Skateboard workshops

Thursday from 13 – 15

we will have skateboard workshops together with the danish brand Jibe Longboards. You will learn how to put together your own board form the very scratch. You will get wheels, bearings, trucks, deck, griptape and together we’ll build your brand new longboard and you’ll bring back home a board you builded up yourself!

Jibe Longboards is based in Denmark, delivering durable quality longboards through Surf- & Skateshops – for a very attractive price, all over the country.

Their values includes: HAVING FUN, Free- and Active lifestyle and Community. With roots in the surf community, Jibe Longboards’ was created in 2012, serving costumers with high quality- and very unique products, designed by local artists & riders. At the same time they are engaged in the local communities creating and supporting events, with the goal of bringing fellow riders together and attract new ones.

Price 999 kr

Min. number of participants – 5 pers