Outdoor wellness

You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks, but see our big choice of cold drinks and beers in our cafe!


Use our sauna with your closest after a good surf session or just a walk along the beach. This unforgettable experience only costs:

1 hour pr. person
50 DKK pr. person

Want the sauna private /alone
500 DKK pr hour


If you’re into more than just a sauna, this offer is absolutely amazing. In addition to the sauna you will also get our wilderness bath with.
Our outdoor wellness experience can be booked year round.

Price per person for min 10 pers.

295,00 kr

REn luksus

We take care of everything – 36 degrees warm wilderness baths, wine, sauna, water, tapas, essential oils, candles, towel and bathrobes. Let’s create the ultimate experience for you and your friends, family or workplace

Price per person for min 10 person

695,00 kr

Support the project and get your own Folke share, and access to our sauna for 12 months together with “Løkkens Vinterbadere” .

Enkelt (1 person) 500,00 kr

Familie (1-5 pers) 1000,00 kr

With this new initiative for the city, our hope is that you will join our new Vinterbader klub. The meet up every Wednesday 19-21 and sunday 8-11. See more info on the link below.


Folkeaktien authorizes the use of the sauna at North Shore Surf in Løkken Wednesday 19-21 and sunday 8-11.
Includes wood for the entire period
Irrigation instructions are always in the sauna

The sauna must be turned on my 30 min. Before using to reach optimal temperature.
There can be up to 8 people in the sauna at the time


Note // The wildfield bath is not included. In this price.