+45 20 70 86 43

Sdr. Strandvej 18
9480 Løkken

Opening hours

Jan & Feb – Closed

We’re open all holidays all year.

March – Sat & sunday, 11 am – 18 pm

April – Fri, sat & sunday, 11 am – 18 pm

May – everyday, 10 am – 18 pm

June to August – Everyday, 10 am – 24 pm

September to Oktober – Everyday, 10 am – 18 pm

Nov to Dec – Fri, sat & sunday, 11 am – 18 pm

Weather might force us to close up sometimes

Our FoodTruck is open june, july, Aug, and Sep.


our vision & mission


We want to give our local area and tourists knowledge about the use of our beloved Vesterhav (the Danish west coast) and invite them for new experiences with a culture that appreciate the raw elements of our nature.


We want to succeed in being a sustained solid grounding near the pier in Løkken and continue the progress in creating activities to the local area and tourists, and secure the understanding and joy there is in the use of our wonderful vesterhav (the Danish west coast) which is still Denmark’s hidden and undiscovered treasure.


who runs this place?

We are a bunch of guys and girls that runs the big engine of North Shore Surf.
And happily we all love to surf! Surprise right…
You will meet us all if you swing by us this summer and say hi.


Kasper Brix

Daily manager of North Shore Surf and an awesome surfer!

Contact him for strange questions

Phone: + 45 22 91 20 70

Bella Maass Brix

Graphic designer of North Shore Surf, married to Kasper and a sexy surfer too;)

Jonas Brix

Daily manager of North Shore Surf, an awesome and good looking surfer too;)