beach YOGA & SAUNA


Tuesday 13.00-14.00
Thursday 13.00-14.00

Join us for yoga at the beach.
Salute the sun and greet the new summer day.
Tuck your toes into the sand and lift your heart and hands to the blue sky.
Allow the gentle sound of the ocean waves to assist your breath.
Awaken your body with deep but gentle yoga moves and stretches.
Embrace the moment and let your body, mind and soul feast in the uplifting experience of morning yoga on the beach.
Relax and tune in to your self.

100 DKK pr person.

Registration is in the surf cafe and is only valid when paid.

Practical information

Wear stretching clothes you feel free in.
Bring yourself a bottle of water or buy one in the café. Bring a yoga mat or a beach towel for the exercise.

Sauna is your choice and available too after Yoga.

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