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We are always open for schools, groups, companies, and fun arrangements.

You can call us all year around!


Surf Courses

LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU SURF  –  That is our everyday motto!

Surfing is our passion, and we made passion to our business.
From may there will be surf lessons for beginners either from 10-12 am or from 15-17 pm. Depending on the weather conditions we have classes every day.


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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Courses


There are no conditions where you cannot practise surf. Stand up paddling ist the perfect surf activity when the water surface is flat or there are small clean waves.
You can take lessons or borrow a SUP board, paddle and wetsuit and having good fun out there by yourself or with friends/family.

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North Shore Surf Café

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// We are stoked about presenting our own roasted coffee!

If you haven’t dropped by last summer and tasted our coffee – we recommend to put this on your to-do-list for this year. Our coffee is freshly roasted and with our new great machine we promise you a consumption of really good tasting coffee, from black coffee to espresso, cortado, cappuccino, cafe latte – as you like it best!

We’re also serving cold drinks as soda water, juices, smoothies and several beers!


// I scream ice cream

A summer without ice cream is unthinkable!

We put great value when it comes to supporting the local brands and distributors. Basically everything we’ve got in our little café and shop are products from Denmark.
The italian ice cream from Is Kompagniet is homemade with lots of devotion, and made with natural commodities.

100% taste, 100% natural – 100% quality!

// Danish fashion brands and more

We know, our little café house isn’t bigger than 20 square meters, BUT that little house surprises us again on how many goods we can store and present inside!

We’re stoked about all the cool t-shirts, shirts and sweaters we just received from OH DAWN, Lakor and Plasma.
Beside those we also offer plenty other nice things as local beers, tasty sweets from North Jutland’s best candy factory Bolcheriet, and our own coffee beans.

// Build your own skatboard!
JIBE skate and longboard workshops

From july on and every thursday we’ll hold workshop events where everyone can be part of building their own skate or longboard for only 1.200 danish crowns.

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North Shore Surf Løkken supported by